Neural Control

Cognitive Awareness Test - Count the passes made by the team in white

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Crash Course on the Nervous System - 12 minutes youtube


Ch 7-1 Quizlet - Neural Control
Ch 7-1 Neural Control - Kahoot (a)
Ch 7-1 Neural Control - Kahoot (b)

Resources - Pearson Login

Structure of the nervous system - abpi
How a nerve works - Animation - Draw and label the diagram
Reflex Arc - BBCbitesize
BBC Bitesize - Neural System - an excellent site to review neural topics. + the Review quiz at the end.

Additional Resources

Chicken Wing dissection - youtube 6 mins
BBC - Interactive Anatomy Site - You may have to use Internet Explorer to use these sites.
BBC - Nerve site
3 D Brain and extras - You will have to use Internet Explorer to use these sites.copy paste the address into Internet explorer.

Fun Game - very competitive

Reaction Sheep Game - BBC Bitesize This a really fun reaction time game - turn the sound down though.
Driving Reaction time - Age related
Human Dashboard - fun games about your body's abilities

Students should make notes from the Neural Control Powerpoint - before working through the following tasks.


1. Clickview - Human Body (Nerves is a chapter of this video)
2. Biodigital Interactive Human Body (you may need to sign in to this Google app, but it is safe and very useful). It has a reset button and you can toggle various views to emphasise or isolate the body systems as required.
  1. Turn on Integmentum, nervous and skeletal systems
  2. Zoom in to the neck region and observe where they travel, and record the functions of these nerves.
  3. Seach 'VAGUS nerve' and observe and record the origin and organs innervated.
  4. Create a table to compare the origins and targets and functions of these nerves.

Nerves of the neck
Vagus Nerve



  • Use the information you have recorded to propose why a fracture of C5 (the fifth Cervical vertebra) results in Tetraplegia (reduced or complete loss of function in arms and legs), yet breathing and other internal body functions are still working/viable. In doing so, clearly state how CRANIAL nerves are different to SOMATIC nerves.
  1. Scatter game practice and competition on Chapter 7-1 Quizlet - Neural Control
  2. Blind defintions (academic game) - via Quizlet terms and defs
  3. Develop a Frayer Definition for Nervous System.
  4. Continue working on the Revision quiz for the exam - go to the Revision wiki page and download the file then complete the questions using the text to answer correctly.

3. Refer to pages 230-231 in Pearson, create a Branching Tree Diagram (hierarchical information) to show the relationships between the various nerve systems - include the following terms: CNS, PNS, somatic, autonomic, cranial nerves, spine, sympathetic, parasympathetic, motor (efferent), sensory (afferent). Expand the list of functions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems as dot points.

4. Create a Brace map (equal parts of a whole information) of the parts of a neuron - with explanations of their functions.

5. Create a Flow chart for a simple Pain Reflex Arc - first view the BBC Bitesize - Reflex Arc site and also refer to the following diagram to construct your diagram.

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