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Pearson Login - click here
Biodigital Initeractive Human body
3 D Brain and extras - this needs to be opened in Internet Explorer
Where are the endocrine glands - and their functions abpi


Ch 7-2 Hormonal Control - Quizlet
Ch 7-2 Chemical Control - Cram

Ch 7.2 Hormonal Control - Kahoot

Homeostasis - 18 min youtube

Pearson P 240

Review of Temperature Regulation
BBC - Bitesize - Temperature Control
BBC - Bitesize - Temperature Regulation
BBC - Bitesize - Temperature Regulation Test

Homeostasis Introduction

  1. Clickview - Homeostasis (use up to about Ch 6 of the video)
  2. Homeostasis - Fully interactive game - you have to manage the body systems
  3. Homeostasis - negative and positive feedback loops - definition

Hormone action - overview

  1. Hormonal control animation view the file then complete the questions.
  2. Label the major organs of the Endocrine system - interactive quiz.
  3. Steroid Hormone action animation (optional extension task)

Pearson Reference - P 238

Task 1

  1. Go to The skin and temperature control - animation abpi read the information then run the animation - complete the labeling activity on the site.
  2. Extension task - Hyperthermia/Hypothermia

Task 2
  1. Homeostasis - animation and interactive - a good resource that defines homeostasis, negative feedback loops and a specific example of temperature regulation.
  2. Review of the concept of Homeostasis - BBC Bitesize
  3. Temperature Regulation - Negative feedback loop
  4. Optional Extension Task - Negative Feedback - Insulin
  5. Review of Temperature regulation - Q 4 on the site (label the diagram)


Investigation - the effect of exercise on body temperature
  • S:\Science\9 Science\9 Physiology 2013 - go to the folder and copy the spreadsheet - complete the data entry for your results.
  • You will need to formulate an Hypothesis - what do you think will happen regarding changes to skin temperature and core temperature??
  • Copy purpose, materials, procedure, results - include your spread sheet and graphs, Write out the discussion questions and answer them in full sentences. Ensure that in your conclusion you address your hypothesis.

Respond in full sentences or you will have to re-write the entire prac.
  • Q1, Q2 and Q3 refer specifically to the data (quote the numbers and what happened)
  • Q4 Describe all observations, regarding sweating, face colour, HR and BP
  • Explain how the Q4 responses are related to Homeostasis (temp, blood sugar levels, fluid levels, salt concentration)
  • And we need to sort out who actually did their own prac write-up. If I don't get a satisfactory result then there will be calls home and detentions.